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President Obama: Your Current Education Policies Will Keep the Education Mess Right Where it is.

/ Your current education system educates the mind while ignoring brain education. Every time you meet with experts to discus how to improve education there is no brain education on the table. The only agenda on your education table is mind education. You and your experts keep trying to improve just mind education; while thinking you are making efforts to improving all education. What urgently needs your attention is the cause behind the current mess in education; it is the missing brain education that is messing up education.

Now there is talk of emotional intelligence education which is brain education. However emotional intelligence education is mostly misunderstood. We try to teach emotional intelligence through preaching, persuading, pleading, through carrots and sticks, through showing why it is good to act wisely etc. But it is like brain washing and it takes a frustratingly long time to make even a tiny difference. No wonder emotional intelligence teaching is not taken up seriously by Main Stream Education. Persuading etc. is like new-knowledge/emotional-intelligence is poured into a brain that is producing its own stale-knowledge/emotionally-challenged-intelligence. It is like pouring fresh water into a glass that is generating its own dirty water. The fresh water gets dirty too and nothing changes. The way to emotional intelligence education is to physically change the brain to generate emotional intelligence. So emotional intelligence education is brain therapy.

Let's put this in another way. We keep our house clean, we keep our cars spic and span, we like our clothes spotless, we soap and scrub our bodies clean and make sure our shoes are shinning. Yet when it comes to our brains we keep them loaded with emotional baggage/garbage. Instead of taking this emotional baggage out we struggle with its ill/unhealthy effects; causing trouble to our self and to others; creating a rippling effect that causes harm to much of society.

We believe our emotional baggage created emotionally challenged brain is the result of our basic animal human nature. We ignorantly figure that our genes generate our animal nature and we think it is impossible to try to change our animal nature; so we struggle and try to adjust to our emotionally challenged brains instead of trying to get rid of our animal human nature that is a direct result of the emotional baggage in our brains.

We have found that fully developed/educated emotional intelligence is wisdom. It is well known that people become wise by old age. What happens is the brain starts off loaded with emotional baggage. Life experiences very slowly over several decades grind out the emotional baggage from the brain; leaving the brain free of emotional baggage by old age; thus making the person emotionally-healthy/wise. All we are asking is to give us a chance to show your experts our very own developed therapy which takes out the emotional baggage much faster while the person is still young. Many existing brain therapies are equally effective.

Emotionally challenged infant brains loaded with emotional baggage come to school. They stay with us in school for at least several years. We have enough time to identify these troubled brains and take steps to remove their emotional baggage and make them emotionally-healthy/wise.

You can see we need serious education reform. The vast majority who struggle with their studies are emotionally unprepared to focus on their studies. This is where my wisdom education comes in, it provides focus, love of learning, responsibility and it makes the mind ready and willing to absorb new knowledge. In fact it even provides all the attributes of wisdom to regular education; as it makes the person wise. We can not only take the subnormal students and make them into normal students we can make the majority into super normal students.

Those with unhealthy emotional intelligence are the ones who struggle with their studies. Instead of helping them get rid of their emotional baggage your current education system brands them as failures thus shoving more emotional baggage into their brains.

So President Obama are you going to continue with your current education policies that not only ignore emotional-intelligence/wisdom education but worse miseducate the brain or are you open to new ideas that will bring real reform to education? Please understand we need to make the student professionally wise as well as emotionally wise. Wisdom/emotional-intelligence is essential for both living a life and making a living.

We have over 1500 blogs/articles/papers/press-releases explaining wisdom/emotional-intelligence education. Here is one of our earlier press releases in full:

We Have Figured out What is Wisdom and how it can be Created on a Mass Scale.

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just like wealth, wisdom is
nothing on its own! Just like wealth has to be in something else like
gold, real estate, stocks, bank balance etc. Again wisdom is like a
house. A house is the sum of its parts. A house is nothing without its
building blocks. Similarly wisdom is nothing without/but its building
blocks. The building block of wisdom is selflessness. By creating
selflessness we create wisdom.

We have quantified the mind and now emotions can be measured. We are
founders of Wisdom Day, Pure Happiness Seminars, 'Who am I' seminars,
'Third Eye' seminars. We have developed the idea of 'WisdomLand',
'Brain Power Clubs', 'Shy Power Club' and The Wisdom Express. We even
have wisdom toys.

The world is at a loss of how to solve the economic mess. We have the
answers. The human self runs on two wheels. One is intelligence and
the other is emotional-intelligence/wisdom. For intelligence we have
hundreds of subjects and for emotional-intelligence/wisdom we have
zero subjects. As a result we educate only half our brains. Naturally
the wheel of emotional intelligence is punctured. And every time we
try to fix this education mess we go back to improving intelligence
education. Leaving emotional intelligence as punctured as ever;
resulting in developing imperfect minds and imperfect brains for over
80% of the population.

Michael Gazzaniga the foremost expert on the brain and mind concludes
in his latest best seller, for a call to arms. “Understanding how to
develop a vocabulary for these layered interactions (between the left
and right brain and between brain and mind) , for me, ” he writes,
“constitutes the scientific problem of the century.” This is exactly
the problem we recognized 40 years ago and we have now solved.

We have figured out the difference between brain and mind. The
education mess is due to the fact man has cutting edge education to
educate the mind and has no idea how to educate the brain. In simple
terms one can say that we keep our homes clean; we keep our cars and
our offices spic and span and when it comes to our own brains and
minds we keep them dirty; full of defective memories/knowledge. We
have developed education for cleaning up the brain.

We have invented this whole new wisdom industry that will generate
wisdom education, creation of text books, with exercises and lessons,
training for teachers and parents, and 'pure happiness' counselors
etc., wisdom coaching for adults, groups and countries, toys that
teach wisdom, wisdom computer games, comic books, children stories,
sitcoms, TV talk shows, movies etc.; and Wisdom Theme Parks, Wisdom
Hall of Fame for every school, village, city, country and the
world...We can create this wisdom industry in every country and use
the income to lift the country out of poverty of resources of
economics as well as the poverty of the mind.

"Don’t try to bludgeon bad behavior. Change the underlying context. Change the behavior triggers. Displace bad behavior with different good behavior. Be oblique. Redirect." - David Brooks in the NY Times, Nov. 27.

David Brooks is our favorite reporter on the latest research on emotional intelligence and human nature. Not only does he keep abreast of the latest progress in emotional intelligence research; he has his own angle on the latest findings. As one can see our latest emotional intelligence science is still stuck in 'Displace bad behavior with different good behavior.' It is the same old, same old ineffective solutions to the problems of emotionally challenged brains being asked to behave in an emotionally healthy manner. No wonder persuading, preaching, carrots and sticks do not work; as it is like asking iron to behave like gold and have gold qualities; it is like hammering a nitrogen producing machine to make oxygen.

The reason we have emotionally challenging behavior is because our brains are loaded with emotional baggage. We need brain therapy to remove the emotional baggage from the emotionally challenged brains if we want healthy super mature behavior from our people.

We have over 1500 articles/blogs/papers/press-releases on the cause of all the man made mess in society and its solution.

Please google, '4th r foundation'.

We have the answers that the world has been looking for since the ancient times.

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Please be free to use our ideas in your educational institutions/policies.

kind regards

Sajid Khan

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